Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My little Punk Rock Pony

You should have seen me yesterday at the Goodwill bins. I was rolling around this cart with an army of ponies and dinosaur toys stacked on top. It was completly ridiculous! It was as if someone had finally cleaned out their toy closet that they've had since the 80's. There was tons of Rainbow Bright dolls and other kinds of toys I have no idea what their names were but they were totally toys I had played with as a kid and haven't seen for YEARS. One of my finds was this huge my little pony and knew that I just had to bring it home and make something totally awesome with it.

The pony got a nice bath and major brushing to get rid of tons of tangles. Somehow Pat knew that I should use some conditioner to help the process. How did a guy know that? Yes it worked and we decided to give her a haircut. My brother Pat gave me the idea for the mohawk (which was made with tacky glue and lots of patience) and with a little added jewelry and glasses I found the look totally came together. Now the shelf part was also an item I found. I painted it last night and added some embellishments.

This is my tribute to my little pony and now proudly hangs on my wall.

My first Beastlie

I've been a fan of Leslie's Beastlies for some time. I'm not sure where I tracked down her link but you can see why I would come upon such creations. They are exactly my kind of monsters! Big teeth, colorful and super cute, awesome little monster dudes! When I visited Stumptown Comic Festival I just had to take one home. The artist was there in person with a table FULL of monsters. It was so hard to pick just one. This is the little guy that came home with me.

There are many more photos of the monsters on flickr and on her website. Here are a few of my favorites. I must collect an army of little beastlies. Yes I will!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hipster Furry

I am easily amused.

Panda Craziness!

I was a little cracked out this week making panda hats. I got a lot finished but at the end of the week I found that I really burned myself out. Some weeks I can go like crazy and other weeks I need to take it easy and catch up on mundane things like laundry and paying bills. I am proud of what I got done this week though!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Deluxe Panda Hat

Loving this new panda hat! I finished one up for the market this weekend. It's so fuzzy and warm! I don't want to make another panda hat for a while though.. oh pandas you plague me!

Helmet Covers - Ram

I have finished my prototype for my helmet covers. It still needs tweaking and real life testing before I start shelling them out. My problems right now are finding ways to secure it to the helmet but make it somewhat universal. I think the helmet covers are going to be somewhat restricted in what kind of helmets they will fit. For now I'm shooting for the traditional bike helmet shape.

I think I have the fitting down and it stays nice and snug. I did have straps that came down but it just looked like you had a giant head. Having part of the helmet showing seemed to improve this or at least let you know that you had a helmet under there and not a giant lump for a brain.

This is me up late one night. I haven't slept much this week and it's been getting to me in a big way. I am linked into some crazy creative energy though and I just want to keep creating and sewing. I wish I didn't have the mundane things to do. I feel that sometimes things get neglected because I need to spend hours trying to perfect one project.

I am excited about this new line of hats. I really want this to be my summer line and get them in a few bike shops around portland. It's going to be so funny if someone wears one of my covers in the big bike races they have here in the city.

One step at a time!

I'm making progress and that's what's important.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pandas This Weekend!

For every week I'm trying to come up with a theme of hats to make for the Saturday Market and also new designs to try out. This weeks theme is PANDA! I found some awesome white and black fur that I'm going to make a super DELUXE panda hat from. Also I found a lime green and dark green super soft fur that I'm going to make a green panda from!

Also there will be lots and lots of regular fleece panda hats that are price a bit more affordable. You will want the deluxe ones though!

My goals this week is to also finish up the XL size that will fit over bike helmets. There most likely will be a panda hat at helmet size! I am also prototyping a baby size as well so I can get some tiny tots in lolly-tots gear.

Coming up with a theme helps me to plan the sewing for the week. I want to do so much but I only have so many hours in the day. So every week I will have something different. It's fun for me to stay creative and designing and also not feel too overwhelmed.

So Pandas it is!

Time to get cutting.. I have a lot of sewing to do!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bird House

Saturday Market Outfit

I'm having fun dressing up for "work" it means I get to wear fuzzy hats and be super colorful. Fabulous!

Why goggles? Because they rock.. that is all you need to know!

Fur Cuffs

More cuffs were made and taken to the market this weekend. I will be making more and more of these in the coming months. They are so cool!

Saturday Market Fans

Thanks to all my beautiful customers for another wonderful day at the market!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sneak Peek

This is what I've been working on this week. They will be available exclusively at the Saturday Market this weekend. They will go fast! Stop on by to see my new creations. This week's theme is MONSTER. lots of goggles and furry monsters will be available!

The new LION HAT that I am so proud of! The idea in my head is finally a hat.. yes!

Pom-pom strings will be on a few hats this weekend. I found a roll of this awesome stuff at a local thrift store and they have just been waiting to be made into a hat!

Horns to be added to all of these. I can't wait to see what the final hat will look like!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Reality Of A Dream

Ok bear with me here. I've been sewing for hours and my mind has been free to wander. I've been pondering the "dream" and how many of us are searching for something to complete our lives. My life right now is a completion of a dream. I wanted to be someone that makes things all day and runs my own business. So now I'm happy right? Well what comes after that? My head says, "Ok now I'm happy, now what?". What is the next step?

So many of us spend our lives working a job that was supposed to be just something to pay the bills while we figured out what we really wanted to do. Most people have a tiny dream of living another life completely different than what they have been boxed into now. So why don't they ever act on those dreams? Are the feelings not strong enough? Are they just scared? Well maybe we need a dream to keep us going through the slow days. Maybe these people don't need to be exceptional. Maybe they just live through the achievements of others. The ones that live the dream for them.

Do we really need to fulfill a dream or do we just need to be happy doing what we are doing now? Maybe the problem is our society is full of people that are never satisfied no matter where they are. Maybe if they went and started that business or got that dream job that they still wouldn't be that happy. They would still be looking for something else. Never satisfied and always searching. Always looking out the window and wondering what "could be" not being in the moment of now.

Some days I think too much about the future and what is in store for me. I think too much about what it means to have a "career" and a "job". I worry about getting stuck in the same thing forever. That won't happen to me though. I'll always find a new thing to start up. I don't know why I worry about it then. Inside I feel like I am letting something die. It's the dream of having a job. It's the dream of living a normal life. The dreams I had when I was just trying to fit into society. The dreams I had when I just wanted to look normal and be accepted by people. I tried SO HARD to be something I wasn't. I worked hard at school in subjects I hated. I got a job and worked on projects that had no meaning to me. I started a career and tried hard to be ambitious and stand out from my peers but still look like one of them.

Then a change happened. I started to work on my dream. I started to think that they were all wrong. I started to wonder if I could change things so the world would work for ME and not for THEM. Why can't I have job duties that are what I enjoy? Why can't I have a lifestyle that fits my personality? Why can't I wear what I want and cut my hair how I want and talk like I want?

I became an artist. I awakened the artist that had been hiding within. The person that had been trying so hard to look like everyone else. Now I'm scared because this life has NO BOUNDARIES. As an artist I make things every day. I am around other makers that think like I do. I create beauty that makes people happy. I show people what's in my heart. Now what's on the inside is shown on the outside.

I'm still worried about career. I'm still worried about health insurance and retirement. I'm more scared about ever sitting behind a desk again and being bored out of my mind. I'm more worried about wasting away my youth at a job I resent. I'm more worried about not enjoying this gift of life I have been given. What does it all mean in the end? Career... so you can look good to other people? Money.. so you can buy more things? Mortage.. so you can have a house you never get to spend any time in because you are working all the time? Kids.. that you raise at a daycare. Sunny days that you long to be out in because you are locked inside.

I will not live this life. I blaze for myself a new path. I take naps during the day and work well past midnight. I have taken back my life.

It's a process for me to understand this world of no boundaries. I am going against the stream every day. I worry that now I'll be stuck in this "Sewing" job for the rest of my life. BUT I shouldn't be. I make things every day. I make hats that bring happiness into the world. When you wear one of my hats you feel happy and everyone around you begin to be happy as well. Everyone always smiles when I pass them by. They wave or make a funny noise. Everyone is chatty and you can hear them murmur as you pass. When you wear one of my hats you live in an aura of happiness and giggles. That is a powerful thing! I am creating magic and laughter. What can you say about your job? I need to be reminded every day as well that what I am doing is the right thing. I need to be encouraged as well. I need to tell myself that it's not about having some cool career or job.. it's about doing what makes you happy. It's about creating something that gives back to the world and just doesn't end up as trash. I am giving something back that is functional, long lasting and is my own way of brightening up the world.

Dreams - once you finish one you need to start on another! I am trying to figure out what the next step is now. What is my grand plan? What great thing will I try and move towards now? So... what next?

Until I come up with that answer. I will continue sewing. ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010


First trial version. MORE TO COME.

I am so excited!

Friday, April 09, 2010

You made me do it!

This is proof that I actually listen to my customers. You ask and I make it ok! It may take a while but it stays stuck in my head until I try it out. The owls were released a few weeks ago before I moved and were a big hit. I MUST make a chicken hat next (totally with chicken feet pull-ties!).
Now this lovely owl hat can be found in my etsy shop here.

Now the froggy hat was because of a few comments from customers. A lot of people are asking for frogs. What is it with frogs people? The froggy feet was also a good idea from a passer by at the Saturday Market. Thanks guys! I finally made one and now I understand why people love frogs. I mean... come ON! Is it the big eyes? The webbed feet? Maybe it's the years of kermit? Now available in my shop here.

My customers give me the best feedback. I want you all to know that I value your input and your comments fuel my creativity and inspiration. I am here to make you smile and if you want frogs I'll make it happen. If you want owls I'll make it happen. You want MORE animals? Well I'm working on it. :)

Vintage Patterns

I'm in love with Vintage patterns! I think I have the crazy sewing bug right now. I am so excited about sewing my own clothes and designing my own wardrobe. I'm going to be on the hunt for patterns at local thrift stores. For now I will drool over this awesome collection I found on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25615978@N07/