Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been thinking about it forever. I've never had the guts. I've never bleached my whole head before. I finally dived right in and went for it! I think this is only the beginning of a lifetime of rainbow hair.

Infant hats now available!

I've had this pattern for a while now and it's been baby tested! Velcro straps are funnn.. yeah. Available in my shop here.

Bike Helmet Covers!

Finally had my first successful helmet cover made. This pattern is going into production this week! I'm super excited about what this means for my business and my summer line. Coming to a bike shop near you? Perhaps, perhaps.

First design available in my etsy shop here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Kitchen Table

It's so easy to decorate on a budget. All you really need is an idea of what kind of style you are going for an go searching with an open mind. I hit up a lot of thrift stores this week and finally found the perfect combo for my table. I ended up over in Beaverton Goodwill and came across this NEW tablecloth that was perfect for my new table! New for $19.99 I paid $9.99.

At the same store I went on a hunt for some napkins and found these as well as napkin rings! Napkins for $2.99 napkin rings for $3.99. I'm pretty sure the napkins are still new.

Yesterday I found this wonderful lamp at a garage sale for only $10! It's very contemporary with a white crackle finish. Lampshade included!

Add in a few items I had around the house and BAM awesome kitchen table! I'm all ready for guests now. Any ladies want to come over for tea?

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I is a bunny...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Panda Chocloates!

Found on flickr.

Ears for Helmets

Now available in my etsy shop! I have a ton heading with me to the Saturday Market this weekend. Want me to set you up for a custom order?

Check out the selection in my shop.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorial - Ears for your bike Helmet!

I'm broadcasting live over at Ustream! I recorded a tutorial on how to make ears for your bike helmet. Follow along with me!

More ideas for broadcasts would be greatly appreciated. Also if you just want to check on me during the day and see what I'm working on you can watch me here:

I'm making a bunch of ears for helmets today. Using lots of furry scraps and there is a lot of variety in this bunch. Coming soon to the shop and definitely available next weekend at the Saturday Market. Do you want your own pair?

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is what happens when you wear a cape

I remember a time when I didn't even wear crazy hats. I remember a time when I tried so hard to be "normal" and keep the weird part of me hidden from the world.

I feel that this business brought out the freak within. There was a part of me that really wanted to come out and play. I feel that the kid inside of me has been locked in for so many years. I am the oldest of 4 kids and ever since I was a teen I've locked up the kid inside and made a big deal out being a grown up.

Slowly as I become more confident in WHO I AM and proud of it I start to show my true nature more and more!

I'm wearing a cape right now as I write this to you. Maybe it's the power of the cape or maybe it's just the inner kid in me talking.. but I really feel like a superhero right now. I have a mission right now. I really want to make everyone play this game with me. I really want everyone to be wearing fuzzy hats and super hero costumes.

I'm so glad I live in a city of weirdos. Even here I am needed! Even in this city of freaks they still forget how to have fun. I don't know what kind of superhero I am or what my super powers are...

If I can just keep bringing smiles and laughter to the world than I am fulfilling my purpose on this world.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Nerdy Panda

I am in love with this shirt! I can't believe this seller is closing shop. Her stuff is so cute! Check out her etsy shop here.

Let's start this morning right

My gift to you!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Free Felt Hamburger Tutorial

Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make you own felt hamburger meal!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Video Break

And now for something completely ridiculous!

Octopus Hats now available online!

I can make custom goggles to go with them and switch out the colors if you are looking for something specific. Squid hat needs to come next right?

Blue Octopus Hat
Orange Octopus Hat
Pink Octopus Hat

Shrek Hat

Did you guys know that I'm a big fan of Shrek? Well I guess everyone is really.. who could not like Shrek? Right? Etsy was seriously lacking in a good Shrek hat. I just had to step up. The ears were a bit tricky to figure out but they came out great in the final version! Check it out in my ETSY SHOP here.

I can make them in baby size too so you can have little baby shreks running around! I think that would make a hilarious baby photo.

Bomber Kitty - Blue Flannel

Now available in my ETSY SHOP. I've had this style available at the market here in Portland and it seems to be pretty popular. I really like it myself because you get the fuzzy warm on the inside. Also it means I can use all sorts of fabric for the outside. I have many more planned! I have some great pink skulls fabric that I can't wait to turn into a hat. Keep me away from the fabric store please! I need to use what I have. Sheesh. Sending me in there on a memorial day weekend is like sending a bear into a park full of picnickers. Danger!

If only you could see inside my head to see what creations I am just waiting to make! Time is really slowing me down. Only so much in a day.. only so much in a week.