Monday, September 17, 2012

Addicted to organizing!

I am so addicted to organizing right now. I 'm not sure if it's just to compensate for the anxiety about the rest of my life or if it's just for fun. It could be a little of both. I'm sure those of us who are obsessive organizers will attest to that! A little bit about calming the clutter of the mind and about having a little fun at the same time. :)

Organizing comes natural to me. I wonder if it's in my genes or something. I am obsessed with order and patterns and groupings. It has helped me in my graphic design career to no ends and now I do it for work all the time with my job as a project manager. Staying organized and on top of things is what I do for a living! How could that not cross into my every day life.

There has been a lot of changes for me recently. My little family of my brother and boyfriend have recently moved from a couple studio apartments into a giant open house that we can all share. This means combing three different lives together all in one mess. Three different kitchens! Do we need this many wooden spoons? We have 3 butcher blocks? Not that I'm complaining.. but where do we put all this stuff?

I've spent the last couple of months trying to find order in all this chaos. I'm also setting up the house so the systems work better than they did before and help all three of us stay on top of everything we need to clean and find and bills to pay. This site has been a major help in all of this craziness. Welcome to "I'm an organizing Junkie"!!

This site is full of great tips about how to work through your clutter and lots of emotional help too that I found delightful. The message behind her site is that you find the system that works FOR YOU. And if that system doesn't work out than it wasn't the right one! Try and try again. Don't give up when you can't keep up. Don't over complicate it for you and your family. Make it simple and easy. Being organized is supposed to HELP YOU HAVE MORE TIME and not suck it all away.

Yes an organized life. That is what I want. Then I can tackle all the other problems that I need to deal with.

It might be the way I deal with stress and anxiety. It seems like a healthy way to clear the clutter in your own mind so you can find clarity and purpose. What do you REALLY need to do? What do you really need to work on? How can you be on top of your bills and finances when you have piles of unopened mail? How can you cook a healthy meal for your family and stop eating out when your kitchen is in disorder?

One step forward every day! More organized and ready to take on the world. ;)

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